Seed Capital Investing

We partner with entrepreneurs who seek technical and marketing support in overcoming the hurdles of bringing their ideas to fruition. In exchange for an equity position, the Hub Seed Fund aligns with these professionals to ultimately launch companies that introduce innovative products or services into the marketplace, all within six to twelve months, through the utilization of lean methodology.

What is Lean Startup?

The HuB Seed Fund distinguishes itself by expertly applying Lean Startup methodology. This technique of launching products takes a scientific, four-milestone approach to business creation and management. Lean Startup finds value in shortening product development cycles, measuring progress and consumer response, and ultimately perfecting the product or service in alignment with feedback.

Value to Entrepreneurs

The HuB Seed Fund offers unparalleled value to both accomplished and inexperienced entrepreneurs. It is common for business owners to initially struggle with identifying revenue or overbuilding.  Through the exploitation of the HuB’s resources, individuals undertaking a business venture are exceptionally positioned to develop strength in these and other areas, and eventually function independently.

We Launch Ideas

The HuB functions to create a solid avenue for individuals who have devised an inventive idea and seek to transform that idea from a vision into a reality. This can be a powerful concept for budding entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed or bewildered by the process of bringing an idea to fruition. As pictured, frequent creative gatherings are one of many resourceful methods that the HuB offers.


Indino Featured in USF Article


Luis was featured in the USF newsletter on his progress and stamina in growing Indino within the campus setting.  Click Here to read the entire article


Fund 2 Closed to New Ventures

We have had a great year previewing over 65 opportunities and investing in 4.  At this time Fund 2 will no longer accept applications for investing.  Our new Angel platform will be launching in Feb 2014 and will begin taking new applications at that time.


OneGift Hits $1,000 in Monthly Donations

After a smooth soft relaunch, OneGift has gained additional nonprofits and gifters hitting the first thousand in monthly donations. Checks are processed and mailed on the 10th of each month, and received by the 15th.


Shirmo Attends ASI Orlando

Photo Jan 06, 10 00 07 AM

Finishing off the year with positive growth, the team built more relationships at ASI in preparation for an aggressive growth period in 2014.


Indino Releases Android Version


In a much anticipated release, Indino has been released for Android and satisfied a major concern of early adopters at USF.


Abbeton Angel Platform to Launch at FVF

We are pleased to announce that in February our new system will be operational and we will be opening our platform to all Angels. Through this process we will be going from a fund format to a platform that will allow our Angels to choose the deals they wish to add to their portfolio and the investment amount. We are exited to roll this out at FVF as we continue to grow our investments.


Buggy Bench experiences 300% Growth in Sales

Rounding off the last 2 months of the year, Buggy Bench has gone from 1-2 sales a week during testing to 5-10 sales a day through the holiday season.  Now in its 5th month of product launch, they are positioned for their first big retailer order and a line up of consumer tradeshows.  2014 will be a year of strong growth for Tiffany and her product.


Clean for 15 Book Published


We are excited to announce the release of Clean for 15′s accompanying book, which is now available on Amazon and Kindle. You can preview the book here.



CrazyChins As Seen On TV Video Testing

CrazyChins tested audiences’ reactions to the pending release of the product the second week of December. Preview the commercial below.


Hands-on-Green-Screen attends the IAAPA Expo Nov 18-21

The IAAPA Attractions Expo is the largest idea-sharing event with the more than 80 expert led education programs for industry professionals in the business of engaging, educating, and entertaining guests. Hands-on-Green-Screen took advantage of all that the IAAPA Expo had to offer by presenting as an exhibitor this year in Orlando. To find out more about the IAAPA Expo click here.

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